How would you feel if everybody treated you as though you didn’t exist?

Felix is with his mom for a good day on the

beach. Problem is he want’s to go swimming

and hang out with the other kids, but mummy 

won’t let him. She thinks it’s to dangerous. 

Fact is that Felix is in a wheelchair.

But he really doesn’t care about that, so why 

should anybody else? 

A battle of wills takes place, where one needs to know ones own limitations, not those of others.

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Short film, 13 min.


Written and directed by:

Magnus Johansson & Robert Lundmark


Simon Blyberg, Aurora Roald,

Pia Halvorsen, Fredrik Hallgren


a shortfilm by

Magnus Johansson & Robert Lundmark

Winner of The Gryphon Award - Best Short Film

Giffoni Film Festival 2011